• A choice of tracks from California Products Corporation, U.S.A. or MRi-Polytech, U.K. Running and Jogging Tracks from 10 mm to 18 mm surface thickness.
  • Plexitrac from California Products Corporation is an acrylic, water based system which is environmentally safe. Available in 2 systems depending upon your requirement and budget – Plexitrac Flash and Plexitrac Accelerator, both are IAAF accredited.
  • Polytrak athletic track systems (Full Pour, Sandwich, Dual Layer and Spray Coat systems) from MRI- Polytech, U.K. used for installations to IAAF standards worldwide. A combination of Polyurethane Binder and Rubber Granules provides exceptional toughness and durability for every standard of event and are suitable for entire spectrum of track and field disciplines.
  • Multi-layer coating of both systems provides the ultimate in performance and safety for the athletes.
  • Over 30 tracks successfully completed.
  • Technical specifications available upon request.


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