• Plexiflor and AllSport systems from California Products Corporation, U.S.A. An all-weather, non-abrasive, multi-purpose athletic surfaces, ideally suited for outdoor basketball, volleyball, handball or 5/7-a-side soccer.  Reinforced, smooth acrylic coating especially formulated for use over asphalt or concrete. Exceptionally tough surfaces, designed to withstand the intense activity of the sport. Cushioned and non-cushioned versions available.
  •  Self-levelling polyurethane system for indoor sports courts, sports halls and gymnasiums offering high slip and wear resistance. System tested by Center for Sports Technology, U.K.
  •  Pre-fabricated rubber tiles and mat rolls available as an affordable alternative to cast in-situ systems.
  • 100% recyclable polygraphene elastomers granule surfaces for swimming pool surrounds and water play areas.

 Technical specifications for all systems available upon request.

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