Durable and environmentally friendly options

Our industrial and commercial flooring coatings come in a variety of materials to suit each type of application requirements

Acrylic Emulsion Coating for asphalt pavement surfaces, car parks

Acrylic Crosslinked Polymer coating designed for bus and bike lanes

Polyurea coating for heavy duty industrial use, commercial warehouses, back-of-the-house facilities, cold stores, lining of water bodies etc. Can be used as an excellent waterproofing membrane and also comes in a potable water safe material

Polyurethane Concrete coatings for use in areas requiring high resistance to physical and thermal shock combined with outstanding chemical resistance

Performance Epoxy coatings designed to withstand excellent abrasion, impact, wear and chemical resistance.

Areas of Application

  • Commercial kitchens, restaurants, bars and food storage facilities
  • Hospitals, laboratories, educational facilities
  • Manufacturing, warehousing environments
  • Car parks, bus lanes



 Suitable for walkways, pavements, water parks, swimming pool surrounds, driveways, terraces etc., our Resin Bound and Resin Bond systems offer a variety of options in attractive colors to meet the desired purpose and budget. These high strength systems are extremely durable, look attractive and are very easy to maintain.

Resin Bound flooring system is installed typically in thickness ranging from 10mm to 20mm whereas Resin Bond flooring system is a broadcast system with maximum thickness of 4mm.