Maintenance Services


Maintenance Programs, Refurbishment & Facelifts

We offer refurbishment solutions and regular maintenance programs for our sports floor and sports/play equipment.

Specialist sports floor are a long-term investment and if properly maintained, will last many years. Every installation is unique, so our services are tailored to your needs. The maintenance services involves repair of damages, face lift and refurbishment of floors, inspection of mechanical components of your equipment and carry out routine maintenance to ensure safety etc.

Example of refurbishment includes:

  • adding a fresh layer of PU coating to the existing surface extending the life span at a fraction of total cost
  • spot repairs of areas subject to mechanical damage or simply worn out due to use.
  • refreshing old faded court markings 

Our experienced team uses recommended machinery and right materials for each service type.

Speak to us today about a health care check for your existing floor and ask for a quote for each type of service.