Polyurea flooring

Polyurea represents a “dramatic advance” over polyurethane technology.  It offers excellent mechanical properties, high resistance to chemicals and moisture with better elongation and superior tensile strength, resulting in impact-resistance even in highly abrasive environment.

Polyurea Flooring

Polyurea is applied in a thickness of 2mm to 3mm on top of resilient base layer of SBR (ranging from 10mm to 15mm thickness). This application  builds a vinyl-like elastic skin that is  highly resistant to impact from horse hoofs and also acts as a waterproof membrane making  the facility suitable to wet environments such as wash areas, equine pools, sea walkers etc.

Polyurethane/Polyurea Combined Wall Coverings

This is a hot applied application for walls in stalls and equine /camel pools. The application consists of 20mm thick Polyurethane Spray Foam applied to walls to protect animals against injury resulting from kicks to the wall. It is covered with a spray of 2mm thick polyurea to strengthen the base layer. The waterproof properties of Polyurea make it an excellent choice for equine/camel pool walls.

The above products carry a warranty of 5 years (subject to Terms & Conditions).


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